The Gorman family (Gorman Earthworks Ireland) harvested turf from the family owned peatlands for many years and were one of the first family businesses to be awarded contracts in relation to bog restoration works for Bord Na Mona and the National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS). Using this Achievement Brian founded Artfulparks Ltd. to continue to transform and create a new vision and future for boglands. Artfulparks Ltd is the product of Brian’s creative effort and desire to give back to the environment that sustained his family’s business for over 50 years.

In 2019, Bórd Na Móna began to close 62 bogs across Ireland, costing up to 500 jobs across the country. The negative environmental effect of peat harvesting is well documented, but that doesn’t spell the end for the bog community or the land that is left.

Using our wealth of knowledge and previous trust that was given to us by Bord Na Mona and the NPWS we aim to restore our family owned bogland to create our first “Artfulpark”, a luxurious and scenic sculpture park with a man-made lake to share with the community. This is a passion project and a labour of love for Brian and his family. It has taken a long time to get Artfulparks to this point and we are ready to show the beauty of our boglands and provide the community with a new perspective on what this environment has to offer.

Once our first Artfulpark is established, we will be looking at acquiring more cutaway bogs to implement our ideas and designs, to turn these into extreme places of beauty for communities and the rapidly growing wellness tourism sector. 

There is great potential for business opportunities and sources of income within Artfulparks, all of which can use best practices to nurture the environment, rather than exploiting it.

Since we launched the Artfulparks idea, we have received incredible feedback from various parts of the bog community, and have potential investors interested in future projects.

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